Peak flow méter: PPM-800 and PPM-400

The Peak flow meter is the simplest lung diagnostics device however it can be used efficiently in early detection of asthma and during its treatment as well

  • Hospital and home application
  • Early detection of asthma
  • Monitoring of asthma treatment
  • Patient may forecast the necessary dosage of anti asthma medicine

The peak flow meter fully complies with all requirements of the EN 13826:2003 European Standard “Peak expiratory flow meters”

  • Parameters
  • Accessories
Range of flow  
PPM-800 50-800 l/m
PPM-400 50-400 l/m
Accuracy 10%
Size 130*50*35 mm
Weight 75 g
  • Plastic mouthpiece
  • Cover cap
  • Result diary