Calibration syringe: PCS-3000

Calibration syringe for daily calibration and validation of lung diagnostic devices
  • High precision
  • Perfect sealing
  • Easy moving, low traction piston
  • Applications
  • Technical data 

Usage of the calibration syringe is advisable with the following devices

Spirometer PDD-301/s
Rhinomanometer and spirometer PDD-301/r
Breath carbon monoxide monitor PDD-301/sco és PDD-301/rco
Impulse oscillometer PDD-301/o
Whole body plethysmograph PDT-111/p
Diffusion capacity test PDT-111/d
Ergospirometer exercise test PRE-101
Volume 3 liter  ±15 ml
Conection ISO-30 medical taper, female
Size 520 * 120 * 110 mm
Weight 2,1 kg



Basic configuration
Adjustable volume
with laser engraved scale