Dose controlled drug nebuliser: PDD-301/p

The nebulizer can be integrated into a system with all Piston made lung diagnostic devices

  • Exact deposition of the medicine thanks to mechanical nebulizer with narrow range of particle sizes (1,2 μ or 3,5 μ)
  • Full support of provocation test and broncholysis
  • Constant concentration multi step protocol
  • Increasing concentration, dilution row, multi step protocol
  • Breath phase controlled, nebulizer runs only during inspiration
  • Supervision of total inhaled dosage and automatic limitation
  • Exhalation of medicine thru bacterial and viral filter or into a collecting sack to prevent environment

Device with the patient circuit


Histograms of provocation




. Modifications of pulmonary function parameters as a function of inhaled dosage are traceable on histograms

Software system overview 

  • System integration
  • Technical data

The nebulizer can be integrated into a system with the following devices

Spirometer PDD-301/s
Rhinomanometer and spirometer PDD-301/r
Breath CO monitor and spirometer PDD-301/sco
Breath CO monitor and rhinomanometer PDD-301/rco
Whole body plethysmograph PDT-111/p
Diffusion capacity test PDT-111/d
Particle sizes and capacity 0,12 mg/minute @ 1,2 micron 90%
or 0,35 mg/minute @ 3,5 micron 90%
Built-in compressor 8 l/s flow @ 2,5 bar pressure
Size without patient circuit Height: 110 mm
  Wide: 160 mm
  Long: 260 mm
Weight 3 kg
Power supply 230 VAC 50 Hz
Power consumption 80 VA